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Washaw Construction, Inc.

Washaw Construction began operations in October of 1995 to continue the tradition of excellence in the construction field of its predecessors, R.O. Nelson Construction and Bradco Construction. We have been servicing this area for over 40 years from the same offices. Owners have changed and company names have changed over the years, but the quality workmanship and dedication to our employees has remained the same.

R.O. Nelson Construction was incorporated in 1956 as a residential, commercial and industrial contractor. The original owner retired in 1980. the remaining partners renamed the company Bradco Construction. Bradco specialized in commercial construction involving schools, large commercial building, HUD housing and industrial work.  The latest changes in ownership occurred in 1995 when the principle owners of Bradco retired and Washaw Construction was formed. The remaining partner of Bradco Construction specialized in industrial work and as a result the primary focus of work shifted to industrial building and maintenance. Commercial work is still done but with less emphasis.

In order to accomplish this focus,Washaw Construction has worked hard to assemble a knowledgeable staff. Brent MacArthur joined Washaw in 1999. He has over 30 years of experience in designing and managing construction projects in the industrial environment.

We have teamed up with skilled tradesmen in the following unions: Iron Workers, Pipefitters, Carpenter/Millwrights, Laborers, and Bricklayers. These tradesmen come to each project with up-to-date training in processes and procedures specific to their trade, experience, safety, and take pride in doing quality work. Washaw Construction has done its part to team with these men providing quality equipment and making sure that all fringes are paid on time, every month.

A long history, a solid investment, and good long range business practices have put us in a strong financial position to continue on into the future. We encourage prospective customers to research our company on Dun and Bradstreet. Financial strength is important to be able to finance projects and deal with slower economic times to ensure a long-range future and we have that financial strength.

Our future is only as strong as the job we do for each and every customer. We do our best to do work in such a manner that the customer is fully satisfied, and when we leave they have the quality product that we both can be proud of.

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