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Safety at Washaw Construction, Inc.
We at Washaw Construction, Inc. have the utmost concern for the safety of our employees. Paul R. Bradshaw has been appointed the safety director for our firm. He has developed a full construction safety program for Washaw Construction, Inc. This safety program details our policies on items such as Safety Rules, Job Site Inspections, Safety Discipline, Emergency Procedures, Power Lockout Procedures, Confined Space Procedures, Hazard Communication Program, MSDS Books, and Anti-Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy. A copy of the programs is issued to each and every employee of Washaw Construction, Inc. before they start work for us.


We recognize that working safely is very important to our customers as well. We make every effort to discover differences in our policies and our customers' policies, and adapt our operations to meet the safety directives of our customers when we are working in their environment. To accomplish this we hold regular safety meetings with our employees on site at customer locations, often using material supplied by our customers. We believe that safety should be the primary concern of all of our employees and every day.


Safety concerns can be addressed to:


Paul R. Bradshaw

Safety Director

101 S. James St., Suite 301

Ludington, MI 49431           

(231) 843-9000